FuMS Overview


1.   Configuring FuMS involves understanding the organization and settings within 5 basic file types:

2.   Server Level

a.   BaseServer.sqf

b.   Settings common to all of FuMS on your server

3.    Loot Configuration

a.   GlobalLootData.sqf

b.   Establishes loot types common to all missions

4.   Soldier Configuration

a.   GlobalSoldierData.sqf

b.   Establishes common soldier types for use by missions

5.   Themes

a.   All FuMS missions belong to a theme

b.   A theme is a common grouping of missions that typically share some common objectives, regions, or styles

c.   Each theme has its own folder in FuMS.

d.   ThemeData.sqf

                                         i.    Controls settings common to all missions under the theme.

                                        ii.    There is one ThemeData.sqf for each theme.

6.   Mission Files

a.   One mission file per mission

b.   Mission files are located in specific theme folders

c.   Themes do not share missions.

d.   Mission File



FuMS Capabilities


1.  AI

a.  8 stock AI types

                                         i.    Sniper, Rifleman, LMG soldier, Hunter, Diver, Driver, Pilot, Unarmed and Armed Civilians

1.  Each with their own look and customization.

                                       ii.    Crazed AI/Zombies

1.  Default scientists look

2.  Able to be skinned with custom mods

3.  Custom sound effects and melee combat behavior

                                     iii.    Raptors

1.  Available with Jurassic Arma mod

2.  see Installation instructions

                                     iv.    Unlimited custom types

1.  Admins able to build their own unique AI

2.  Stock AI fully customizable.

b.  Equipment

                                         i.    Fully customizable groups

                                       ii.    Options for Anit-Tank, and Anit-Air

                                     iii.    Restrictions to keep players from certain AI equipment

                                     iv.    Option for Unlimited Ammo

c.   Skill Levels

                                         i.    Fully customizable skill levels by AI type

                                       ii.    Global override capability

d.  Logic

                                         i.    Vehicle run down Logic: AI equipment destroyed when the AI is ran over by a vehicle

                                       ii.    Death messages

                                     iii.    Dynamic radio chat

                                     iv.    Support for friendly and hostile factions

                                       v.    Option to have AI that are randomly spawned over water to have re-breather and swim suit.

                                     vi.    Configurable Patrol Patterns and regions

1.  Area and Box patrol zones

2.  Building Searching

3.  Tower guard AI placement

4.  Transport behavior

1.  Helo/Vehicle drop off

2.  Paradrop

3.  XFILL, AI evacuation

5.  Patrol routes

6.  Static Gunners

7.  VCom Smart driving Logic

2.  Vehicle

a.  Configurable for temporary or permanent AI vehicles

b.  AI controlled vehicles only harmed by weapons fire to facilitate better movement over terrain.

c.   AI only access list for vehicles. Blocks players from using specified vehicles.

d.  Static and AI controlled armed vehicle support for missions.

e.  Options to control ammo availability to players.

f.    SafeLoc code to ensure safe positioning of spawned vehicles.

3.  Full customizable missions

a.  See included documentation for full scope

b.  Able to run unlimited number of missions and scenarios simultaneously

c.   Misssion SmartSpawn logic to prevent creation on top of other missions, player bases or players.

d.  Customizable message notification system and map indicators.

e.  Mission phasing system in which mission can branch into other missions

f.    Static and dynamic mission locations

g.  Stock missions support ALL maps